Paathshala EMIS

Welcome to Paathshala EMIS, where Softlab Inc. proudly presents an exceptional mobile application developed by Silicontech Nepal Pvt. Ltd., complementing their comprehensive school management system! Owned by Softlab Inc., Paathshala EMIS offers a suite of modules meticulously crafted to streamline administrative tasks, enhance academic performance tracking, and foster seamless communication among schools, parents, and students.

Experience effortless management of student details with Paathshala EMIS's General Details module, categorizing student information into General, Financial, Academic, and Library Details for quick retrieval and efficient organization.

Efficiently handle financial processes with Paathshala EMIS's Accounting module, simplifying invoicing, data entry, financial record keeping, and generating customizable reports, saving valuable time and effort for administrative staff.

Simplify billing tasks with Paathshala EMIS's Billing module, managing fee structures, invoicing, and payment processing with flexibility and ease for both school staff and parents.

Track student performance accurately with Paathshala EMIS's Result Management module, automatically generating assessment results, report cards, transcripts, and other academic reports tailored to preferred grading systems.

Efficiently manage the school library with Paathshala EMIS's Library Management module, categorizing books, integrating barcode systems, and sending alerts for upcoming book returns to students.

Maintain school assets and resources effectively with Paathshala EMIS's Inventory Management solution, performing physical inventories, reconciling asset information, and updating records seamlessly.

Take attendance effortlessly with Paathshala EMIS's Attendance Management module, offering options for fingerprint or card-based systems and providing alerts for latecomers to ensure smooth school operations.

Enable convenient online payments with Paathshala EMIS's integrated payment gateway module, allowing parents to pay bills in real-time using popular online gateways like IME Pay, Khalti, or Esewa.

Access Paathshala EMIS anytime, anywhere with their free mobile app available on the Play Store. Guardians, students, teachers, and staff can access student details, receive notifications, and stay updated with news panels on-the-go.

Enhance the school's online presence with Paathshala EMIS's free website integration service, seamlessly integrating school information and Paathshala EMIS functionalities into the existing website.

Stay connected with Paathshala EMIS's SMS notification system, enabling schools to send alerts and notifications for academic performance, school programs, reminders, and more to guardians, students, and staff.

Ensure student safety and optimize school bus routing with Paathshala EMIS's Vehicle Tracking solution, empowering school administrators with intelligent management tools and reporting facilities.

Experience the transformative power of Paathshala EMIS and revolutionize school operations with their innovative mobile application. Download now and unlock the full potential of efficient school management with Paathshala EMIS!

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